Web Animation & Interaction

Bring your website to life with animation, interactive content and engaging infographics.

The website you already have, but what you don’t have is anything exiting going on! We can change all that with a number of imaginative solutions to help your website and its content stand out. Not animation for animation’s sake – everything we do helps to engage the visitor, improve usability and make your content more memorable. Below are examples of some of the things we can create for you.

Interactive world map

Interactive Maps

Why show a static map when you can bring the world to life? Be it a map of the world, or showroom floor plan, we can create a stunning graphic of the landscape and use animation where appropriate to focus on particular areas and immerse the visitor.


Animated web infographics

Animated Infographics

Infographics are a great means for immersing a visitor, making them stop and helping them remember information. Animate that, and you can present complex information in an easily-absorbable form, pull visitors deeper into a website.We can create the graphics, or base them on existing marketing. The reward is an immersive experience that will bring flair to your content.


Apps & Casual Games

We can take web animation & interactivity much deeper and create fully-fledged web apps such as casual games and GPS-based maps.

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

All of the above can be achieved using modern web standards. All of our animations & interactive content work seamlessly on desktop computers, mobile or tablet devices, and no Flash plugin required. In addition, if your content is aimed at mobile users, we can augment the website with live information from the device sensors such as GPS location and more.