Mobile Web Apps

Web Apps are websites that can be accessed through a smartphone’s web browser, but once loaded behave much like a native mobile app. Depending on the application, they can offer a number of advantages, such as lower development costs and wider compatibility. We develop first-class web apps, and can advise on the best approach for your needs.

Benefits of a Web App

A web app may be a superior alternative to a traditional installed app and the rewards can be subtantial:

  • Cross-platform support out-of-the-box
  • Lower development costs
  • Greater longevity

When to Choose a Web App

A Web App may be the most appropriate solution for your needs if they meet the following requirements:

  • If your users have an internet connection. For some apps, only an initial internet connection may required to load the app, allowing the user to continue to use the app even if the connection is lost.
  • If the app only needs to be stored temporarily on the device
  • If the interface and its functionality can be generated using standard web technologies

A web app may NOT be suitable if:

  • You want the prestige of making the app available on an App Store
  • You want the app to be stored permanently on the device
  • Your app needs to use advanced features that are not available through standard web technologies

If you’d like to know more about having a web app developed get in touch with us today, we’d love to talk about your own needs and help you decide the best options to take.