Time Vault

grid-apps-tmvLaunched in early 2014, we worked closely with an independent client to help his vision come to life of a financial forecasting app with a twist – it’s a mechnism from an alien civilization!



Time Vault - target year screenTime Vaultâ„¢ is a stylised financial forecasting app that can read your downloaded spreadsheet CSV bank statements * or other supplied data to calculate a projection of your financial future, adjusted for interest and inflation, using a complex mathematical formula.

It is believed the Time Vault mechanism was left by an ancient alien civilisation or it may have crossed over from a parallel universe. Its origins are uncertain but if you can crack Time Vault, it may hold answers to the most captivating financial question:

How rich will you be?


Explore the Time Vault mechanism, decipher the symbols and work out its operation. Uncover settings and interpret the results. It is said the machine is simple to use, but you may need to enter the alien mindset first!


– Reveal the future value of a lump sum of money
– Discover the value of savings accumulated through regular deposits
– Import spreadsheet CSV data and project your future bank balance based on monthly transactions *
– Results adjusted for interest and/or inflation, fully-configurable
– View the variance in the value of your money as a percentage
– All of the above wrapped in an intriguing fantasy machine that is yours to figure out

Is your money working for you or against you?

Only Time Vault will tell.